23 October 2016 - Another Railworks/ Train Simulator reskin has been released from Benjamin Wood, go check it out. Enjoy :)

21 September 2016 - Yet another Railworks\ Train Simulator reskins has been made but my myself this time. Go find out the surprise in the RAILWORKS tab. Enjoy :) 

13 September 2016 - A BRAND NEW reskin is released in the RAILWORKS tab, loco kindly donated by Benjamin Wood :) Also a big website clean up has been made.

24 December 2015 - AT LAST!! After a very long rest the website is finally back in action with a LONG list of future Railworks/ Train Simulator 2016+ reskined content. You will find the first release in the Railworks Loco's section. Happy Christmas Yougles :)

27 April 2013 - FINALLY, after an entire year without any action on this website things are slowley coming back. Today i have uploaded a picture of a new release that is to come, see if you can find it. Clue: TS2013 ;)

25 April 2012 - There is a BRAND NEW list of upcoming releases to this site, a few new screenshots, and new video's.

18 February 2012 - Today i have released the much waited Alan Pegler Flying Scotsman with two tenders and LNER coat of arms on the cabside with red backed nameplates, NRM Wartime NE Black 103/502 Flying Scotsman and 4472's 1970's BR liveryied second water tender, see if you can find them....

09 February 2012 - After nearly TWO YEARS of not releasing anything i decided to get creative and get busy releasing. There are THREE models due for release within the next two weeks, go to the new COMING SOON to see whats coming down the line. I have also done an update on the NRM Flying Scotsman so get the new one NOW.

22 November 2010 - Yes it's true my friends, today i have changed the way this website will run and the big change is that i have decided to add a RAILWORKS section to the site. Why you may ask add a RAILWORKS section to a TRAINZ site? Well i believe that there are some, not many, railway simulator players that have both a version of trainz and a copy of, what is now called, Railworks 2 Train Simulator. Also upon this, i beleive that those that do have both simulators should therefore find a website that can provide a wide selection of content for both their Trainz needs, and their Railworks world all on one site. While i was sorting out my site, i decided to add a TCV3 (Trainz Classics Volume 3) section to the site as i will be releasing some content for it soon. ;D

3 June 2010 - The first two engines are the LBSCR's Terrier #55 "Stepney" in her original Improved Stroudley Green livery and in her current black livery with red lining. These models are created in the celebration of the Bluebell Railway's 50th Anniversary in Auguest in which NRM owned loco Furness #20 will be joining the gala as a star visitor.

And the third engine on the release schedule is my reskined Gresley A3 #4472 "Flying Scotsman", with a Brand New Three Chime Steam Whistle sound, 3 cylinder bet, and some extra details added such as the plaque on the center wheel splasher. Enjoy!